Our club depends on volunteers to make it work and we hope you will be willing to help us in any way you can.  Currently we have 2 officer vacancies open:  Recording Secretary and Ways and Means chair.  We are trying to keep our dues down as low as possible and any fundraisers could help defer costs to our members.

By Laws                                                       
Community Issues               
Campaign & Precinct          
Telephone calling                                                    

2020 - The Year of the Republican Woman

Membership is open to any Republican woman 18 years or older. 

Men and other CFRW from other unit clubs can sign up as Associate Members. 

As a member,  you are given a wealth of opportunities!

  • Leadership training
  • Meeting candidates for elective office
  • Networking opportunities
  • Meeting political leaders
  • Becoming a more informed voter
  • Learning more about issues vital to each of us
  • Working with the California Republican Party
  • Involvement in campaigns and elections
  • Lobbying for effective policies and government
  • Assistance in running for elective office

Important Notes:

DB transferring members, we need an application form filled out

All members and Associate Members, it's time to renew.

Sincerely yours                                             PHRWF Membership
 Lynn Martin                                                  P. O. Box 5792
​                                                                      Hacienda Heights, CA 91745