"We are a collective force that ​can make a difference."

Bishop Craig Chapman


Bio:  Bishop Craig Chapman
Reverend Craig B Chapman was born and raised in Trenton Mi. He attended and graduated from the University of Michigan and received a Bachelor General Studies; Bexley Hall Seminary; a Master of Divinity. Ordained Deacon in Christ One Holy and Apostolic Church 1987, Ordained Priest 1988, Consecrated Bishop 2015. He's served in parish churches, in Ohio, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan and California.

Craig Chapman is married and has 2 grown children Andrea and Andrew who live in Atlanta, Georgia.  He served the Republican Party as College Republican Chairperson at U of M - Michigan. Gubernatorial, B Milliken support Staff for Governor of Michigan and aid to Senator Robert Griffin, Michigan. He is currently the Bishop in residence at All Saints Church, Ventura Ca, where he serves and preaches as needed. 

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July's Guest Speaker

Bishop craig chapman

July 15, 2021 - Monthly General Meeting

7:00 p.m.  

Zoom Log in Information will be sent prior to this meeting

TOPIC:   "the assault on the first ammendment"